The trials and thrills of system testing [2013-07-01]

It’s possible that not everyone’s pulse races when thinking about system testing, but that was the exciting culmination of our weekend here at Reneal IEO.  We set up 12 used laptops contributed by generous donors and connected them through a gigabit network switch to a server with Neal’s latest-and-greatest integrated software based around Xubuntu 12.04.  This hardware and software is all headi

Corporate Identity [2013-05-05]

Like every corporation, Reneal IEO has a board of directors.  The corporate by-laws of Reneal IEO require this board to meet at least twice a year.  While financial reports and official travel policies and action items don’t have the cachet of a trip abroad, they are an absolutely essential underpinning of our 501(c)(3) corporation.  We are fortunate to have very enthusiastic and diligent board

Wrap-up: Reneal in the Philippines 2013 [2013-04-27]

Neal returned to America last Saturday and Reneal IEO has a board meeting next Saturday.  Thus it is a good time to pause and reflect on the 2013 Reneal trip to the Philippines.  I don’t know if we’ve ever had such a satisfying confluence of events: witnessing the culmination of some long-time projects, implementing significant improvements in others, and laying the foundation for exciting future opportunities.  There was great joy in seeing old acquaintances and in forming new connections.  Of course nothing truly good comes without some blood, sweat, and tears along the way, but all in all it was a successful trip for Reneal IEO.