Exciting prospects for 2014 [2014-01-08]

The New Year has begun well for Reneal IEO.  In the last month, we’ve received donations of 70 used laptops from Bay Area corporations!  There is still much work to be done to determine how many of those can be transformed into seats in school IT labs, but early evaluation appears promising.  Combined with monetary contributions from generous donors, this assures that the planned 2014 Tanzania projects are well-positioned for success. 

Gearing up for Tanzania Week 3 [2013-09-02]

The next challenge up for Reneal IEO for the 2013 Tanzania projects is installing an IT lab at Mukulat Secondary School in Arusha. This poses a new set of unknowns, since instead of the 12 laptops that we were able to check out in a full system test prior to departure, we will be using the Pentium III computers that Reneal IEO purchased from the World Computer Exchange. While we had one Pentium III unit at home to test, this will be the first time the entire system has played together. There will undoubtedly be a few “surprises” as we get underway. The good news is that I am now in Tanzania, providing an extra set of hands for Neal for installation as well as taking over the main training responsibilities.

Week 2 Tanzania [2013-08-30]

What a magnificent week in Musoma for Neal and Reneal IEO!  Installation of the IT lab at Paroma Secondary School went very smoothly, with the help of the IT teacher and technician.  Neal was able to send daily e-mails with status reports, and I’ll include extracts below to give an idea of “a day in the life” when he is in his element