Our purpose:

The paradox in many developing countries is that education is the path to improve lives, but schools are underfunded and many young people can’t afford to attend. The specific purpose of Reneal International Education Outreach (Reneal IEO) is to provide support for students, their parents, teachers, and school administrators to enhance education opportunities in schools in developing countries. Recognizing the power of technology in particular to change lives, the primary focus of this organization is to provide Information Technology expertise and assets (computer hardware, computer software, and learning resources) to these schools.


What we do:

Our goal is to give students and teachers in developing countries better resources for learning. Key Reneal IEO activities are:

  1. Developing and installing low-cost computer systems for schools
  2. Providing teacher training in IT
  3. Serving as a conduit to get educational materials to schools
  4. Providing funding for scholarships


How we do it:

To support these activities, Reneal IEO will:

  1. Develop hardware and software solutions and associated trainings that are tailored for developing countries
  2. Freely share these solutions and trainings with other individuals, agencies, and corporations
  3. Perform on-site installation, consultation, and training in developing countries
  4. Capitalize on connections and cultural skills built through the founders’ United States Peace Corps experiences
  5. Leverage multiple decades of experience in software and technology
  6. Seek corporate support for projects and provide tax deductions for donations


Why we do it:

Information Technology has the potential to ignite the love of learning in students and teachers and to open doors for new opportunities for those in developing countries. We wish to share our passion for IT with others in order to help them achieve a better life. The ultimate reward is seeing the spark in someone’s eyes as they realize this potential themselves.